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Abigail Green

Professor of Modern European History
Image of Abigail Green

My first book, Fatherlands: state-building and nationhood in 19th century Germany (2001), explored the tensions between state-building and nationhood in Germany through a comparative analysis of Hanover, Saxony and Wurtemberg. Shortlisted in the 2002 Das Historisches Buch awards, it is regarded as a seminal contribution to the literature on German nation-state formation. More recently, my work has focused on international Jewish history and transnational humanitarian activism. I won the Sami Rohr Choice Award 2012 for my biography of Sir Moses Montefiore (1784-1885), the preeminent Jewish figure of the 19th century. Moses Montefiore: Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero (2010) was also named a New Republic Best Book of 2010, and a TLS Book of the Year 2010. My work on Montefiore generated my broader interest in religious internationalism, and together with Vincent Viaene I edited Religious Internationals in the Modern World (2012), which examines this phenomenon comparatively across different religious traditions. I have been awarded an AHRC Leadership Fellowship to work on my new project, a book on liberalism and the Jews tentatively entitled Children of 1848: Liberalism and the Jews from the Revolutions to Human Rights.