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TORCH Director: Professor Philip Bullock (Professor of Russian Literature and Music)


• Prof Karen O'Brien (Head of Humanities Division)
• Prof Daniel Grimley (Music) - Associate Head of Research
• Prof Philip Bullock (MML) - TORCH Director
• Prof Kirsten Shepherd-Barr (English) - Knowledge Exchange Champion
• Prof Elleke Boehmer (English)
• Dr Kathryn Eccles (Oii)
• Prof David de Roure (Oxford E-Research Centre)
• Natalya Din-Kariuki (English)
• Prof Joshua Hordern (Theology and Religion)
• Prof Peter Frankopan (History)
• Dr Felix Budelmann (Classics)
• Dr James McDougall (History)

Dr Andrew Fairweather-Tall (Head of Research Faciliation, Humanities Division)

Victoria McGuinness (TORCH Business Manager)

TORCH also has an Advisory Committee which meets annually.  

TORCH Strategic Plan

TORCH reviews it’s strategy annually – please CLICK HERE for the 3-year plan for TORCH activity