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Amanda Power

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Dr Amanda Power is an historian of the religious, intellectual and cultural life of medieval Europe, with a particular interest in how it was shaped by engagement with the wider world. Her first monograph, Roger Bacon and the Defence of Christendom, was a revisionist study of the English Franciscan, Roger Bacon, his reform programme and his environment. She is currently working on questions concerning the relations between religion, power and the construction of public rationality, principally through a study of the functioning of the early English Franciscans, but also through a series of articles on Europeans in the Mongol empire. She is a member of the AHRC project ‘Defining the Global Middle Ages’ [], and as such, is involved in a second, collaborative, project, which explores what it might mean for societies to conceive of themselves 'globally' in the medieval period, and what impact such a view of medieval thought might have on our current understanding of 'globalisation' as a specific historical process or a quality of modernity. She has appeared on Radio 4's In Our Time and contributed to Lapham's Quarterly.

She was educated at the University of Sydney and Cambridge University. She was a Junior Research Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer, at the University of Sheffield, before arriving at St Catherine’s and the History Faculty in 2015. She is currently Sullivan Clarendon Associate Professor in History and Fellow and Tutor at St Catherine’s College. She is a member of the steering groups for the MSt in Medieval Studies, and the Centre for Gender, Subjectivity and Identity.