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Antonio Tomas - Decolonising African Urbanities

Dr Antonio Tomas is an anthropologist, writer and thinker of Angolan origin, now working at the very vibrant Centre for African Cities of the University of Cape Town. Dr Tomas, who obtained his PhD at Columbia, is universally regarded as a rising star in African studies. In Trinity Term 2019, Dr Antonio Tomas will come to Oxford as a visiting fellow as part of the TORCH International Fellowships programme. He will collaborate with Prof Ramon Sarró, his academic host, as well as with a variety of academics and departments.

During his stay in Oxford as a TORCH International Fellow, Antonio Tomas will present his work at the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (date to be announced), will launch his book on the anticolonial leader Amilcar Cabral in a seminar on “biographies and the postcolony” (held at TORCH on June 1st), will participate in a workshop on “Culture as Resistance in the Lusophone World” organized by Dorothee Boulanger (Modern Languages) on 8 June, and will take part of a workshop on contemporary Angola organized by Professor Ricardo Soares de Oliveira (Politics) on June 17th. Furthermore, he will work towards an eventual exhibition of his visual project on Luanda tapping on and reinforcing the already existing links between the University of Cape Town and the Pitt Rivers Museum at Oxford.

Please visit this webpage regularly for updates on these events!

Lidia Zanetti Domingues