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The Body in the Archive. Embodied Encounters with Human Remains in the Museum

Friday, February 8, 2019 - 3:15pm
64 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6PN
Lecture Theatre


In this presentation, Dr. Gemma Angel explores bodies in the archive – human remains in museum stores and collections, whose corporeal presence among other artefacts and documents disrupts the notion of the disciplinary corpus, which gathers together disparate material things for purposes of study, display, entertainment, and the satisfaction of curiosity.
Focusing in particular on the affective resonance of remains whose provenance is unknown, disputed or fragmentary, Dr. Angel will discuss the narrative webs of connection, dispersal, imagination and significance that are constantly in the process of being made and unmade, through a series of archive stories drawn from her ethnographic and historical work on the Wellcome Collection of 300 preserved tattoos, revealing in the process the critical importance of embodied practice and storytelling in the excavation of object biographies, and in the writing of history.

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