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Bradley Garrett

Bradley Garrett


Academic Profile

Bradley L Garrett joined the Technological Natures research cluster in October 2012. He holds a BS in Anthropology and a BA in History from the University of California Riverside (2003) as well as an MA in Maritime Archaeology from James Cook University, Australia (2005). Brad completed his PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London in February 2012. His doctoral research was a visual ethnography with urban explorers, people who trespass into, and often photograph, off-limits urban spaces. The research was one of the first multimedia theses in geography, being comprised of text, photography and video. Prior to 2008, Brad worked for several years as a heritage consultant and archaeologist for the United States Bureau of Land Management and several Native American tribes.

Brad's research interests revolve around ruins and waste, material culture, heritage, urban life, place-making practices, spatial politics, ethnography and digital media methodologies. All of Brad's past, current and future projects work to reveal, through embodied engagement, the hidden world.

Current Research

Brad recently completed his first monograph, Explore everything: place hacking the city, which will be published by Verso Books in 8th October 2013. His second book, Underground London: cracking the surface, will be released by Prestel Publishing in Autumn 2014.

Brad also has two new research projects currently under development. The first is the creation of a 3D audio and augmented reality phone and tablet app that traces London’s hidden rivers. The second explores the ways in which new technologies and changing political and economic imperatives are transforming human relationships to outer space.