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Call for Postgraduate Commentators interested in ‘Inequality'

Inequality image, copyright Shutterstock

Applications are now open for Postgraduate Commentators at our Ford Foundation-funded Inequality Seminar, Perceptions of Inequality: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue, hosted by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) on 8 and 9 June. This two-day interdisciplinary workshop, hosted by Professors Elleke Boehmer and Devaki Jain, will form a thoughtful, interdisciplinary investigation of inequality in all its senses by scholars with a range of insights and expertise, whose work relates to inequality, its drivers and representations. In drawing together this community of scholars, we hope to facilitate a concentrated discussion on inequality, and how diverse disciplines understand and deal with this phenomenon, so that a more complex set of solutions can emerge. We hope that this will stimulate engagement and debate beyond the event, and create channels through which scholars can explore causes, implications and potential solutions. We plan to bring out a publication drawn from this set of exchanges.

We are seeking six Postgraduate Commentators from across the Humanities and Social Sciences to attend the seminar (all sessions), pay close attention to the discussions and take notes as necessary, and then provide commentary to the group in the general discussion and roundtable. We are looking for the next generation of scholars of inequality, who will advance the discussion in the years to come. All postgraduate commentators will also attend the dinner on Wednesday 8 June.

To apply, please tell us in 300 words your scholarly interest in equality and what you would bring to the group. Please send your application, with a 2-page CV, to Dr. Alice Kelly ( by Friday 27 May.


Professor Ashwini Deshpande (Economics, University of Delhi):
Professor Roger Crisp (Philosophy, University of Oxford):
Professor Emeritus Diane Elson (Sociology, University of Essex):
Professor Devaki Jain (Economics, University of Delhi):
Francesca Rhodes (Gender Policy Advisor, Oxfam):
Professor Linda McDowell (Human Geography, University of Oxford):
Dr Martin O’Neill (Politics, University of York):
Professor Lloyd Pratt (English, University of Oxford):
Professor Elleke Boehmer (English, University of Oxford):
Dr. Alfred Gathorne-Hardy (Research Director, Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development):
Professor Emeritus Anthony Heath (Sociology, University of Oxford):
Dr. Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington (Social Psychology, LSE):
Dr. Tarunabh Khaitan (Law, University of Oxford):


Wednesday 8 June
Seminar Room 3, St. Anne’s College

12 noon: Registration

12.30-2pm: Buffet Lunch

2-2.30: Opening Remarks

2.30-4pm: Session 1
Moderator: Devaki Jain
Presenters: Roger Crisp, Anthony Heath (TBC), Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington

4-4.30pm: Coffee

5-6pm: General scoping discussion

6-7pm: Drinks reception

7-9pm: Dinner on High Table

Thursday 9 June 
Seminar Room 3, St. Anne’s College, and St. Luke’s Chapel, Radcliffe Humanities, Woodstock Road

9-9.30am: Coffee

9.30-11am: Session 2
Moderator: Diane Elson
Presenters: Alfred Gathorne-Hardy, Ashwini Deshpande, Martin O’Neill

11-11.30am: Coffee

11.30-1pm: Session 3
Moderator: Roger Crisp
Presenters: Lloyd Pratt, Elleke Boehmer, Linda McDowell

1-2.30pm: Lunch

2.30-4pm: Session 4
Moderator: Elleke Boehmer
Presenters: Diane Elson, Francesca Rhodes, Tarunabh Khaitan

4-4.30: Coffee

4.30-6pm: Plenary and Roundtable

Image: courtesy of Shutterstock, copyright Greg Brave