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Creation Theatre’s latest production is a brand-new adaptation of Dracula coming to Blackwell’s Bookshop for a 6-week run this Spring. As part of their commitment to widening participation, they are presenting free bitesize post-show talks related to the themes in Dracula.

They are looking for guest speakers to submit ideas for a bitesize panel discussion to take place Monday 26th March. The event is specifically aimed at secondary school students so will take a theme designed to appeal to 13-18 year olds: possibilities might be why vampire fiction endures, or Gothicism and modern adaptation in pop culture. All ideas welcome.

The talk will run to 20 minutes to include time for questions from the audience. Participants are invited to to watch the show beforehand, beginning at 7.30pm. The evening is expected to finish by 10.30pm.

If you are available on this date and have an idea for the talk, please contact Ginny Graham, Producer, 01865 761393,

Deadline for submissions: 5th March 2018