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Collaboration in Theatre: A One-Day Symposium

Lin_ Manuel

Collaboration is essential to theatre. However, it has only recently begun to receive scholarly attention. This one-day, interdisciplinary and cross-period symposium will bring together academics and practitioners and practitioner-academics to think through theatrical collaboration together. As well as including more traditional paper formats, the day prioritises formats for sharing ideas that make space for discussion, such as in conversations/ q&as with practitioners, lightning talks, and a concluding long table discussion. Themed sessions will focus on Collaboration in Adaptation, Collaboration Across Borders, and Feminist Collaboration. 

To showcase the strength and range of theatre research in Oxford, we are seeking up to six 5-minute lightning talks by DPhil students and early career researchers on the topic of Collaboration in Theatre. Your work can be on any period of theatre and based in any discipline. The lightning talk format facilitates the sharing of big and/ or tentative ideas, questions to explore, sidenotes to your thesis, methodological musings…whatever you can fit into five minutes. 

Presentations could explore...

-specific collaborative relationships between theatre practitioners

-collaborative authorship

-collaboration between performers and audience to make meaning

-the relationship between text and other elements of a production, such as design, music or movement

-collaborating with a source text in adaptation and/ or translation

-collaborations between academia and the theatre industry

-the economics of collaboration

-collaborative research and writing methodologies

...or anything else on the topic of theatre and collaboration

If you would like to take part, please send a title for your presentation and 3 sentences of what you would like to talk about to and by 5pm Friday 10th August. We'll be opening general registration for the symposium in September.  

Supported by TORCH Theatre & Performance network