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David Robey

Arts and Humanities Consultant at the Oxford e-Research Centre
Photograph of David Robey
David Robey currently holds the position of Arts and Humanities Consultant at the Oxford e-Research Centre, and leads the Digital Humanities @ Oxford initiative.  Until recently he was Director of the Arts and Humanities Research Council's ICT in Arts and Humanities Research Programme.
He has been University Lecturer in Italian at Oxford and Fellow of Wolfson College, then Professor of Italian at Manchester, then Professor of Italian at Reading. He is President of the Association of Literary and Linguistic Computing.
He has published on 15th-century Italian humanism (educational and poetic theory), language and style in Dante and Renaissance narrative poetry, the computer analysis of literature, and modern critical theory. He has authored a computer-based study on Sound and Structure in Dante's 'Divine Comedy' (OUP, 2000), later extending this work to include the major narrative poems of the Italian Renaissance. He has also completed a major on-line analytical database on 'Sound and Metre in Italian Narrative Verse', at
He was joint editor of 'The Oxford Companion to Italian Literature' (now translated as the 'Enciclopedia della Letteratura Italiana Oxford/Zanichelli').