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Day of the Dead Talks

Malangan Tatuana Mask, Pitt Rivers Museum

On Friday 30 October 2015 the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford will hold a special public 'Day of the Dead' event exploring cross-cultural responses to death, mourning, memorialization and celebration. The Mexican festival will be used as a starting point for the event, but material culture and traditions from across the globe, and from various time periods, will be explored.

TORCH will be collaborating with the Pitt Rivers Museum on a series of bite-size gallery talks at the event. We are seeking researchers at the University of Oxford to give short talks about objects in the Pitt Rivers collections, specific cultural responses to (and the general material culture surrounding) death, morning, memorializing and celebrating. While most talks will take place in the gallery spaces, there is a lecture theatre in which talks needing power points could take place.

Academics can pick any objects from the collection. A full list of objects is available here. There is a useful article on General Pitt River and death here.

Please contact Victoria McGuinness ( with 50 - 100 words about your idea (or for more information) by 5pm, Monday 13 July 2015.