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Digital Scholarship Drop-in Surgeries and Coffee Afternoons

Library books by timetrax23 via Flickr/ Creative Commons
Digital Scholarship Drop-in Surgeries
Are you thinking of developing a digital project using library collections? Do you have questions about getting it funded, what approach to take, or what might be possible?
During Trinity term we will be holding drop-in surgeries again in the Weston Library’s Centre for Digital Scholarship where we can discuss your plans or advise you one-to-one. We are delighted to be joined by colleagues from the IT Services Research Support team who bring their expertise and perspective to your questions about research and study.
9.30–11.30, Mondays, Centre for Digital Scholarship, Weston Library
Digital Scholarship Coffee Afternoons
The Centre for the Study of the Book has kindly lent us the Visiting Scholars’ Centre to host Digital Coffee Afternoons. If you would like to meet and chat informally with other people interested in working in digital scholarship or with the Libraries’ digital or digitized collections, please come along!
14.00—15.00, Mondays, Visiting Scholars’ Centre, Weston Library
§  Monday 25 April 2016
§  Monday 9 May 2016
§  Monday 16 May 2016
§  Monday 23 May 2016
§  Monday 6 June 2016
§  Monday 13 June 2016
Please note that these will not be held on the 30 May bank holidays.