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Kat Hill

BA Postdoctoral Fellow/TORCH Cultural Engagement Fellow

Kat Hill's research has predominantly focused on the religious and cultural history of Germany during the time of the Lutheran Reformation. Her forthcoming book analyses the evolution of Anabaptist identity in the lands of the Saxon princes from 1525 to 1585. Adopting the idea of a ‘thick description’, rather than looking at intellectual origins, it shows how Anabaptism’s development in central Germany in the sixteenth-century was fundamentally influenced by its engagement with Lutheran theology, and that Anabaptism might be seen as a point on a spectrum of solution to religious concerns.

She is currently working on a project which examines the creation and dissemination of Lutheran culture in the second half of the sixteenth century. She is particularly interested in how a variety of cultural forms were created by pastors and theologians to shape Lutheran culture in the years after Martin Luther’s death.

Kat works with Clare Copeland on the TORCH Cultural Engagement project Borrowed Sounds: Voices of the Reformation.