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Early Career Writers' Workshop

Thursday, February 27, 2014 -
5:00pm to 6:00pm
The Royal Oak

This workshop, run by and aimed at early career staff, has been set up to help researchers from the Humanities who are about to submit an article to a high-profile journal and who wish to get some constructive feedback from their peers before sending it to be reviewed. This reading exercise is extremely beneficial, especially for those of you in the early stages of your career, as it can really contribute to improving the quality of your work and therefore increase your chance of having your paper accepted in the first round.

One or two 10,000 word (max.) articles (offered by the participants) will be sent around to the available pool of critical readers to be examined and constructively criticised a week before the Writer's Workshop. Every Humanities researcher can participate, even those who are not specialists of the field studied in the articles: on top of the ideas it is also the craft of writing and of communicating your research for a larger audience which is to be assessed.

To attend the Early-Career Writers's Workshop, please sign up by emailing Dr Céline Sabiron and follow any updates on our Facebook page.

When you sign up, please do specify if you would like to have one of your articles read, and please send it to Dr Céline Sabiron so it can then be sent to all the participants at least a week before the Workshop. If one of your articles has been reviewed during one of the Workshops, we do ask you to review another one in return and out of courtesy towards your fellow researchers.


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