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Eleanor Standley

Associate Professor of Archaeology
Image of Eleanor Standley


Dr Standley is Associate Professor of Archaeology and Assistant Keeper of Medieval Archaeology at the Ashmolean Museum. Her research focuses on the later medieval period in Britain and Europe, with a particular interest in themes of daily life. She is especially interested in the use and socio-cultural significance of everyday objects, and the people that used them. These interests transcend the traditional disciplinary boundary to incorporate literature, documentary and art historical evidence to understand more about daily life in the past. The Portable Antiquities Scheme data is also widely used in her studies. Identity, religion, memory, reuse, and the meaning of things and places are themes which feature greatly in her research.

As the curator of the medieval collections in the Ashmolean, which date from c.AD 500 to 1800 and come from Britain, mainland Europe and Scandinavia, she has a broad ranging interest in historical archaeology.