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Elianna Fetterolf

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy, University of Oxford
Image of Elianna Fetterolf

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and Keble College at the University of Oxford. My primary area of research is moral philosophy, with an emphasis on moral psychology, moral emotions, motivation, responsibility and agency. I recently completed my doctoral thesis, ‘Remorse: A Prospective Genealogy’, at the University of Sheffield, where I argue against a prevalent narrow conception of remorse found in moral philosophy. Central to my line of argument is the idea that what makes remorse, as a first-personal expression of responsibility, moral, is its special focus with those directly affected by what one has done. Accepting this claim, however, reveals the narrow conception of remorse as wholly detached from what grounds its moral status. If we are to preserve its special moral character by grounding remorse in its concern with those harmed by what one has done, remorse, I argue, will be a much broader moral response than it is standardly taken to be.

I also have a research interest in feminist philosophy of language and epistemology. Currently, I am working on the funded group project Therapeutic Conflicts: Co-Producing Meaning in Mental Health. The project uses tools from feminist philosophy of language and epistemology to examine the potentiality of the ideal of co-production of meaning in psychiatric contexts. Specifically, we are investigating whether the symmetric or virtuously asymmetric production of meaning is possible in psychiatric settings and, if so, under what conditions.