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Erin Maglaque

Junior Research Fellow in History


Erin Maglaque has been a Junior Research Fellow in early modern history at Oriel College since 2014. Her research focuses on Renaissance Venice and its Mediterranean empire. She has recently been revising her doctoral dissertation into a monograph, An Intimate Empire: Renaissance Venice and its Mediterranean World. The book takes as its subject two imperial families in Renaissance Venice and the Venetian Mediterranean empire. Once in the empire, these Venetian governors formed families across cultural, imperial, and confessional boundaries, as they married colonial women and had children. The book studies this relationship between family, classical learning, and empire in Renaissance Venice and the Venetian Mediterranean state.


Her research project in collaboration with TORCH is the initial phase of a new monograph, provisionally titled Writing to the Empire: Venice's Imperial Subjects, c. 1473-1550. When the subjects and officeholders of the early-modern Venetian empire encountered local problems, they wrote to the Council of Ten in Venice expecting intervention. The Venetian State Archives preserve thousands of such letters. They relate stories about families and communities, from the intimate to the banal to the politically explosive. Yet across this great diversity of subject matter, each writer was attempting to engage the Venetian state on their own behalf. The letters are untapped sources for the social history of the Venetian empire. They not only reveal the lives and concerns of ordinary subjects, but how early-modern empires were built from the bottom up.