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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is TORCH?

We are a research centre based in the Humanities, facilitating, supporting and promoting high quality interdisciplinary research. We encourage research across all disciplines and are open to collaborating as widely as possible. 

2) Can TORCH help promote my event/call for papers?

If your event is interdisciplinary and involves Oxford Humanities academics we are usually able to promote it through one or more of our communications channels. Please get in touch with the Communications and Events Team ( with plenty of details about the event/call for papers. 

3) Can I book rooms at TORCH for an event? 

TORCH shares the Radcliffe Humanities Building with Philosophy, the Humanities Division and others, so the rooms are in very high demand. We give priority over rooms to our research networks and programmes. Once they are booked in, we are able to host a small number of high-quality, interdisciplinary events led by Oxford Humanities academics. We host these on a case-by-case basis, please get in touch with us ( to check whether we might be able to host your event. 

4) How can I update my profile/project information on the TORCH website? 

Please email and we will be happy to update the website for you. 

5) I would like to apply for funding for an event or project, can TORCH help? 

TORCH has limited funding, which is allocated to our research networks and programmes and other major research strands. It is very rare that we are able to provide funding, but we may be able to offer advice on other funding streams or offer other support for your event or project. Please get in touch with the Business Manager Victoria McGuinness ( with details about your project. 

6) Is it possible to get a TORCH affiliation?

We are keen to bring more researchers into our community, and have a range of affiliations that are given to researchers who collaborate with TORCH. A TORCH affiliation is not usually stand alone, and is in addition to the Faculty/Department title. Affiliations are assessed and approved by the TORCH Management Committee. Please get in touch with Victoria McGuinness ( for more information. 

7) Can TORCH help me communicate my research to a wider audience? 

There are a number of ways you can share your research and we are happy to help. We would like to hear from interdisciplinary researchers in the Humanities who would be interested in writing for the TORCH blog, The Conversation or other media. TORCH often hosts bite-size talks at a range of public events (including the Ashmolean Museum's LiveFridays), which are also great platforms for bringing your research to new audiences. Please get in touch with us ( for more information. 

8) I have an idea for an interdisciplinary project and would like to meet like-minded researchers, can TORCH help? 

Absolutely, please get in touch with Victoria McGuinness (, who can put you in touch with researchers working in a similar area. 

9) How can I subscribe for more information about TORCH events and opportunities?

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