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JSPS London Research Promotion Conference 2016

Image of Japanese Embassy, London

On Wednesday 16th November 2016, from 14:00 to 19:30 at the Japan Embassy London, JSPS London will be holding a research promotion conference and reception.

 This event will provide an opportunity for networking between researchers who have experience of collaboration with researchers in Japan or who want to start. We hope participants will get to know new potential collaborators from a variety of research fields.  New collaborations may not only be beneficial in terms of obtaining research grants and job hunting, but we also hope it will be an inspiring and enjoyable event. Representatives of funding bodies, including the Research Councils, the Royal Society and the British Academy etc. will be invited to this event to give you the opportunity to talk to them directly about their funding opportunities.

Our approach is always “Bottom-up.”  Therefore this event isn’t set on any specific theme, and we would like participants to give short presentations on their current research to facilitate further collaboration between our networks. All research fields are eligible including the humanities and social sciences. Your research strengths (or research difficulties) may trigger a new idea for collaboration with other researchers. 

If you would like to give a 5 minute presentation on your work and how you want to collaborate with other UK, RoI or Japan based researchers, please send a 100 word abstract with 3 research keywords by Monday 19th September 2016 to In your reply, please indicate which session you would like to join, (a) Humanities and Social Sciences, (b) Medical and Life Sciences or (c) Engineering and Physical Sciences.  All career levels welcome. These sessions will take place in parallel. We would like there to be around 20 presenters in each session. This will be an opportunity for you to explain your research strengths to a wide range of researchers as well as enjoy the diversity of a research area you may not be so familiar with at the moment.

We will provide a £30 travel subsidy to the first 30 pre/postdoctoral researchers we accept to give a presentation.

The best two presenters of each session will have the opportunity to give their presentation again in the final session to all the participants from other sessions.  We believe the finalists from the Humanities and Social Sciences can provide new inspiration to researchers of Medical and Life Sciences and Engineering and Physical Sciences, and vice versa.

Please note that if we receive a greater number of presentation abstracts than we can fit into a session, we will select presentations in advance and invite the remainder to take part in a poster presentation session we are planning.

We will also be offering a collaboration prize after the event.

The deadline for submissions is 19 September 2016.