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Julie Hudson

Managing Director of UBS

Julie Hudson, CFA, is a Managing Director of UBS, where she heads up (having also founded) the Global SRI & Sustainability team, established by UBS within its Equity Research division in 2004.   The team launched major UBS publications on SRI in 2005, water in 2006, climate change in 2007, corporate governance in 2008, and ESG (environmental social and governance) ’integration’ in 2010.   The arguments in support of Responsible Investing are presented in a monograph entitled The Social Responsibility of the Investment Profession(Research Foundation of CFA Institute, August 2006).   A further publication co-authored with UBS economist Paul Donovan is: From Red to Green? How the Financial Credit Crunch Could bankrupt the Environment (Earthscan, 2011). 

During her seventeen year career with UBS, Julie has been involved in a number of diversity-related initiatives including All Bar None, UBS’s women’s business network, as well as representing UBS on the board of the City Women’s Club, a network for senior City women sponsored by UBS. She is also currently a member-nominated director of the UBS Pension Trustee Company.  Julie holds a BA in Modern Languages from Oxford University, a London University (SOAS) MSc. in Financial Economics, and a City University MSc. in Economic Regulation and Competition.  She has also just completed an MA in English Literature with Warwick University.  

In her spare time she has enjoyed several Earthwatch expeditions having so far participated in water research in the Gobi, climate change research at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC) and Dechenla (NWT, Canada) as well as whale and dolphin research in Scotland.