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KE Fellow on Stephen Fry Radio Show

Manuscript Illumination with Initial Q, from a Choir Book

Simon Horobin, Professor of English at Magdalen College, joined the enthusiastic host, Stephen Fry, of Radio 4’s seventh series of Fry’s English Delight to discuss the “wild west” (or is it “Wild West”?) of capitalisation use  in the “untamed territory of  names, place names, brands and trademarks.”

Professor Horobin, who has written books on the history of the English language, has a particular interest in spelling and punctuation. In a conversational style, he explained how our modern rules of capitalisation came into being during the age of the printing press.

The Knowledge Exchange Fellowship programme is pleased to have Professor Horobin as one of its Fellows from the Michaelmas term. His Knowledge Exchange project, Supporting Spelling, will involve his working with teachers to produce electronic resources to prepare pupils for the Year 6 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test.  

To listen to the Fry’s English Delight “Capital Punishment” episode click here.