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Kori Novak

Partner at Mellivora Group
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Dr Kori Novak is a Partner at Mellivora Group. As a gerontology and health and human services educator, Dr. Novak’s research interests focus primarily on the qualitative social and physiological aspects of aging.  Most recently she has focused on the issues surrounding aging offenders in corrections systems as well as how hospice services affect the culture of the facility, most specifically the effects on aging offenders. 

She is attracted to research that examines how the large group of baby boomers in the US who are “aging in to the system” will affect not only the different aspects of our culture, but other as well.  Within this area, she has done research in the epidemiology of domestic and international aging populations. This has focused primarily on the nature and potential causes of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases in this particular population.

Currently, Dr. Novak has partnered with several International researchers looking at common problems with aging prisoners and how international systems can share best practices

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