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Life and Literature / La vie en lettres

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Friday, January 25, 2019 (All day)
Maison Française d'Oxford

Life and Literature / La vie en lettres

Friday 25 January 2019

Maison Française d'Oxford

The Frib-Ox Study Day 2019.


Written papers will be circulated to all participants on 11 January.



Welcome and Introduction.


Session 1: Life, Death, and Afterlife.

Chair: Emma Claussen.

Nupur Patel, ‘An Imagined Life and an Afterlife in Selected Works of Catherine des Roches’.

Arnaud Wydler, ' L'influence des vies de saints dans la Correspondance de Sévigné'

Respondents: Alain Viala + Antoine Vuillemier.


Session 2: Paper Lives.

Chair: Nina Mueggler

Pauline Quarroz, ‘Du mutisme au discours exemplaire: la vie en mots dans le Beuve de Commarchis’.

Nathalie Oddy, ‘Encore mieux en papier qu’en la chair vifve: l’écriture consubstantielle and Montaigne’s real life of the embodied mind’.

Respondents: Olivia Tolley + Claude Bourqui.

Lunch for participants


Session 3. Lives Liveable and Writeable.

Chair: Simon Park

Philippe Panizzon, ‘Sufism, the Transsexual and the Notion of ‘Liveable Life’ in Abdellah Taïa’s Work’.

Yvonne Saaybi, ‘Sainte Lydwine de Schiedam, une hagiographie entre réécriture et reconstruction’.

Respondents: Rachel Skokowski and Marion Uhlig.

4.00-5.30: Session 4. Lives of Their Own.

Chair: Sophie Jaussi

Matthieu Corpataux, ‘legs en la disparition’: les Vies du Coup de Dés de Mallarmé’.

Madeleine Chalmers, ‘Speculate to Fabricate: Anarchist Dreams for Living Machines’.

Respondents: Gemma Tidman + Jean Rime.

5.30 General Discussion

Chair: Kate Tunstall

The Frib-Ox Graduate Study Days are supported


the Université de Fribourg,

the Oxford Modern Languages Faculty,

the Maison Française d’Oxford,

and now in 2019 by

the TORCH International Partnership Scheme.


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Kate Tunstall
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