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Marilou Polymeropoulou

Postdoctoral Researcher
Marilou Polymeropoulou

Marilou studies the human condition in its digital manifestations.

As a doctoral student at the Music Faculty at the University of Oxford she examined creativity in the chipscene, an online and transnational network of musicians who compose electronic music characteristic of 1980s computer aesthetics. In her thesis, she adapted an interdisciplinary framework encompassing theories from the fields of ethnomusicology, anthropology and sociology of music, as well as popular music studies while employing ethnographic and social network analysis (SNA) methods.

Marilou’s postdoctoral experiences were shaped by her obsession passion for ICTs. She has worked on the digitisation of the Household Archive of the Jewish community of Rhodes and the visualisation of the Rhodesli community under the supervision of Prof. Renée Hirschon (ISCA). Furthermore, Marilou has cultivated an interest on the impact of ICTs on social life and is involved in various relevant collaborative projects: SNA of the counter-jihad movement (Leicester University), text mining #foustanela in Twitter during the Eurovision Song Contest in an anthropological context (Oxford/Urbana), and more recently, analysing user-experience as an ethnographer-in-residence for the FAST project at OeRC.

When Marilou isn’t doing research, she teaches courses on anthropology, research methods, popular music, ethnomusicology, and epistemology. Additionally, she collaborates with the Song Collectors Collective, an SME based in London, as a song collector and visualist.

Areas of expertise: anthropology/sociology of music; creativity; internet cultures; digital music; research methods; ethnography (digital, multi-sited); social network analysis; text mining.

Email: marilou.polymeropoulou at

Twitter: @ChristabelEther

Instagram: @_deadthings