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Martin Wynne

Photo of Martin Wynne, Oxford Text Archive, Bodleian Libraries

Martin helped TORCH to launch and manage their web presence, and the integration with Digital Humanities @ Oxford. He is active in the Digital Humanities team in the Oxford e-Research Centre. He is the UK National Coordinator, and formerly Director for User Involvement, for CLARIN, a major pan-European initiative to build a research infrastructure for the creation and use of electronic language resources in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Martin is a member of the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics.

His main research interest is in studying the language of literary and non-literary texts and large text collections using electronic tools and methods. Martin is based in the Bodleian Libraries, where he runs the Oxford Text Archive and British National Corpus, and is working on their integration with other digital collections, datasets, tools and services in the libraries. Martin previously worked in IT Services from 2001 to 2016.