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Martyn Harry

Annie Barnes Fellow and Tutor in Music
Martyn Harry photograph

Martyn Harry is the Annie Barnes Fellow and Tutor in Music at St Anne's College, and John Bennett Lecturer in Music at St Hilda's College. His compositional research focusses on instrumental theatre, opera and concert music. He is best known for his children's opera My Mother Told Me Not To Stare (2010-2), his ensemble pieces At His Majesty's Pleasure for sagbutts and cornetts (2012), Eingestellt (2007) and Fantasy Unbuttoned (1998), his instrumental theatre work Restraint for Handcuffed Pianist (2005), as well as Regenstimmen for solo harp (1999). He is currently working on a new CD recording, Exercise Book, to be premiered at a 5k run through the city of Reading in January 2016.