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Media and Conflict

The Media and Conflict research network at The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities examines, analyses and communicates the myriad ways in which conflicts are mediated by mass and social media, bringing together the insights and methodological diversity of anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, historians, journalists, activists, policy makers, and computer scientists/programmers. In light of the recently reignited global fascination with media and politics in the wake of the Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement, and other popular uprisings tackling issues ranging from genetically modified food to gay rights, it is more crucial than ever to invest in reflective scholarship on the complex relationship between media and conflict and violence. All of these iconic mobilizations are unprecedentedly global and mediated—communicated, coordinated and experienced through the interactive social mediums of the digital age. But it is not only at times of punctuated conflict that media plays a role. It is ever present in the evolving political landscape of protracted conflict. This network is a space for conversation, debate and problem-solving on issues related to the study and use of media in times, places and spaces of conflict.