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The Micro-Dynamics of Violence: A Violence Studies Oxford Mini-Conference

Violence Studies Oxford poster


A Violence Studies Oxford Mini-Conference: 18 -19 October, The University of Oxford.


Key Note Speakers: Professor Richard English (Queen's University, Belfast)  and Professor Stathis Kalyvas (University of Oxford)


Wars, conflicts, and genocides, are not indivisible events. Rather, they are the aggregates of many distinct acts of violence, each with its own causes and contexts. At Violence Studies Oxford, it is our contention that to best understand the aggregate, we should first examine these micro-episodes. Examining violence as a separate phenomenon to war allows the researcher to ascertain how and why violence happens, the elements which contain or constrain it, and the factors which determine its nature and intensity.

Taking place in October 2018, the Violence Studies Workshop invites papers from scholars across all different disciplines and subject matters. Here we will present and discuss our works in progress, and in doing so share and benefit from the alternative perspectives and methodological approaches of our various disciplines. From this meeting of minds, we aim to produce a publication, ideally a special issue of a journal article, that will present the benefits of studying violence at a micro level.

Call for Papers Deadline:

Please submit a short biography and a 250-500-word abstract to by 1 July 2018.


Funding is available from TORCH to facilitate reasonable transport and accommodation costs incurred by speakers, so please indicate what costs your home institution is unable to cover.

And, funding has been made available to cover the transport and accommodation costs of an early career researcher or PhD student who is presenting on a topic related to Irish Politics by the Political Studies Association (PSA) Irish Politics specialist group, as well as donations towards the transport costs of two PhD students who are hoping to attend the conference without presenting.

For more information on the conference, please see the Violence Studies Oxford network and here.