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Migration, Memory and Identity

Co-hosted by TORCH and the Pitt Rivers Museum, this event looked at how identity, memory and migration are woven together and threaded through into narratives that we see in literature, history, politics and current issues facing the world today. How does migration and the physical end point contribute to the construction and/or reconstruction of identity? How can objects and collections represent, explore, and promote discussion of migration, memory and collective and individual identity? 

Elleke Boehmer (Professor of World Literature in English, University of Oxford and TORCH Director) joined Gayle Lonergan (International Research Fellow, Higher School of Economics) and Karma Nabulsi (Professor in Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford) for this timely discussion. This event was chaired by Dr Laura van Broekhoven (Director, Pitt Rivers Museum).

This event was part of the 'Humanities & Identities' Lunchtime Seminar Series.