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Migration, Faith, and Action: Shifting The Discourse

Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 9:00am to Friday, May 9, 2014 - 2:00pm
Mathematical Institute and Radcliffe Humanities

In a time when globalization emphasizes the free  flow of ideas, goods, and capital, migration appears at the forefront of political agendas in many countries around the world. Discussions on migration tend to focus on the economy, emphasizing the protection of the working class and the attraction of highly skilled migrants; on national identity, emphasizing nationalism and “us versus them” sentiments; and on national security, emphasizing protection from external threats.  Economists, politicians, and media outlets primarily shape the discussions about migration, while religious and faith traditions play, at best, a marginal role ind defining the discourse.  In the conference we will explore the ways religious and faith traditions contribute, challenge, and shift the discourse about migration.  

We will reflect on questions like: 

  • What discourses do faith traditions provide surrounding migration?
  • What is the role of faith communities and faith-based organizations in the complex landscape of migration?
  • What narratives do the theological and faith traditions have about migration, migrants, and those who receive them?
  • Which values or specific attitudes should prevail regarding migration?
  • How are narratives from faith traditions manifest in the world through the projects and programs of faith-based organizations?
  • Could a fresh way of speaking or discourse generate new approaches to migration in law and policy?

The first day of the conference will feature a documentary screening and discussion with Norma Romero, a member of “Las patronas”, Mexico’s 2013 National Human Rights Award winners.

Visit the conference’s website for more information

There is a £ 10 delegate fee payable upon arrival at the conference. The fee will cover lunch and coffee breaks on both days of the conference.  To reserve your place please visit the conference’s website  or e-mail   with the subject Registration for Migration, Faith, and Action conference.



            Alejandro Olayo-Méndez, Robert Heimburger, Paul J. Kellner, and Lena Wettach



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