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Here we feature video, audio and other downloads relating to Humanities research at Oxford and at TORCH.  If you're looking for podcasts, much more can be found at University of Oxford Podcasts.

Too Valuable to Die?

Silke Ackermann, Nigel Biggar and Liz Bruton debate the ethics of science and scientists going to war

Periodic Tales

Author Hugh Aldersey-Williams, historian of science Jo Hedesan and chemist Peter Battle discuss the ways in which the elements continue to inspire us today

Messingkauf - workshop for actors

Six actors, a director and an editor of the new English edition of Der Messingkauf came together to put Brecht's theories to the test.

Buying Brass

Translated by Steve Giles (University of Nottingham). Part of the 'ReThinking Brecht' series.