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Nick Brown

University Lecturer in Forestry
Nick Brown

Nick Brown is a University Lecturer in Forestry, researching forest ecology. 

He is investigating how forests respond to both natural and human inflicted disturbance and the implications of this for sustainable management.
He has recently been awarded £265,000 by the Darwin Initiative for a biodiversity monitoring project in Trinidad and Tobago. The three-year project will be run in collaboration with the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago Forestry Division and the Asa Wright Nature Centre. Scientists from the four institutions will carry out a national vegetation survey using both traditional field botany and satellite remote sensing to create a new vegetation map of the islands. It will enable an estimate to be made of habitat loss since the last detailed vegetation inventory in 1984.
He is a Science and Engineering Ambassador, a Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics Network (SETNET) initiative to help schools inspire young people.