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That Other Place Online Exhibition

Nicola Onions, Ephemeral series

As the social, emotional and welfare costs of Alzheimer’s disease gain prominence, and with the number of sufferers predicted to reach one million by 2025, exploring the ways in which the disease affects the lives of the sufferers and those around them becomes an ever more important task. Responding to this the O3 Gallery in partnership with TORCH present That Other Place, an exhibition exploring Alzheimer’s disease from the dual perspectives of sufferer and carer.

The exhibition runs until 26 April.The gallery can be found at the Oxford Castle Quarter and is open Tues-Fri 12-5pm, Sat & Sun 11am-4pm and is closed Mondays. For more information please visit:

You can view some of the works in the exhibition below. The works are: Fausto Podavini - MiRelLa I, MiRelLa II; Gregg Segal - Remembered I, Remembered II; Kenneth O'Halloran - Living with Alzheimer's I, Living with Alzheimer's II; Hayley Morris - Undone Still I, Udone Still II; Nicola Onions - Ephemeral II, Ephemeral VI. Hayley Morris's stop-motion animation can be viewed online here.