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Oxford Research in English

Oxford Research in English (ORE) is an online, MLA-indexed journal run by graduate students at the University of Oxford’s Department of English Language and Literature (ISSN: 2397-2947). We are supported by our parent organization, English Graduates at Oxford (EGO), as well as by the department more broadly speaking.

The ORE’s fundamental purpose is to offer aspiring academics a friendly forum for their first publication. As such we accept the work of PhD and MA students as well as the work of researchers who have recently achieved their doctorate, but who are perhaps lacking in publications. 

The ORE aims to publish two issues a year: a Summer issue based on a CFP, and a Winter issue consisting of papers that were presented at the Oxford English Graduate Conference of the previous year. All issues go through an intensive editorial process that includes double-blind peer review.

The current issue is a collection of papers presented at the 2016 Oxford English Graduate conference on ‘Progress’. It is composed of three pieces drawn from the academy in Oxford and beyond, with pieces ranging from the political use of fable in late Victorian literature, T.S. Eliot’s changing views on the role of belief in poetry, and how GIFs have transformed how we quote films today.  Throughout all the pieces there is a recurrent theme of how various forms of literature—thought defunct or passé—have been repurposed throughout time, in fact illustrating the ‘progression’ of literature throughout and consequently the value of literary criticism as a discipline.

Of special interest is an interview with early career researcher Melissa Dickson—who examines the intersections between sound, medicine, and modern life, specifically within the Victorian era. This gives fascinating insight into new perspectives that are being discovered even today on past literature and cultures, and also sheds light on the kind of interdisciplinary work that more and more characterises literary research today.

See the new issue here:

If you are interested in contributing to the ORE, our next CFP for Issue 7 will be released in October, 2017. In the meantime, Issue 6: Debts will consist of the conference proceedings of the Oxford English Graduate Conference 2017 (see  If you are presenting at this conference and would like us to consider your paper as part of this issue, please feel free to contact us at and let us know!  We will be sure to check out your presentation.