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Personal Working Practices Session 1: How to work (and live) well

Thursday, January 31, 2019 -
1:30pm to 3:30pm
Radcliffe Humanities, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6GG
Colin Matthew Room


Session 1 of an afternoon devoted to exploring your personal working practices: see also Mindfulness for Researchers which follows straight after this! Separate booking is required.

Pursuing a doctorate is an excellent opportunity to stop taking your current ways of working for granted. Working habits tend to accrete in haphazard ways, many of which serve neither us or our work very well.

In this session, you'll turn a critical eye on your own routines and be introduced to ways of optimising them. You'll reflect on the multiple roles your life involves and how these give rise to goals that matter to you. You'll explore the distinction between urgency and importance and what that means for how you spend your time. You'll join the dots between daily and weekly levels of tasks and projects, your goals and roles for the DPhil and beyond. The session will also include a brief excursion into feelings of academic failure and how to overcome them, as well as some simple physical stretches to remind you that your brain is part of your body.

The workshop will be led by Emily Troscianko, a writer and researcher interested in mental health, especially in eating disorders and in the connections between mental health and fiction reading. Emily is a research associate at TORCH, and her academic background is originally in French and German, and more recently in cognitive literary studies. She writes a blog on eating disorders for Psychology Today called 'A Hunger Artist' and offers recovery coaching for people with eating disorders.

Booking is essential.

University of Oxford only