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Portfolio careers: How to optimise and manage them

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 -
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Radcliffe Humanities
Seminar Room (third floor)


This event is for early-career academics and final-year DPhil students in the Humanities and Social Sciences who already have some kind of portfolio, or mixed, career. It tackles some of the key questions about the portfolio career route:  how to finance it, how to optimise its constituent strands, how to talk about it, how to manage your time, and how best to deal with your successes and failures. Participants will be asked to reflect carefully and creatively on their own personal and professional practices and needs.

In preparation for the session, you’re asked to complete two self-appraisal tasks: a budget planner and a record of how you spent your time in the week leading up to the session. There's also the option to book a short one-to-one surgery with Rachel Bray, a Careers Service Adviser specialising in research students and staff, to talk in more detail about where you are now in your career progression and what steps you might take next. These are available from 10 to 12 on Thursday 10 March.

Visit the booking page to sign up and view the details for the pre-session prep and the individual surgeries.


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Emily Troscianko
University of Oxford only