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Possible Futures - Muslims in Britain 20 Years from Now

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 3:30pm
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Marston Rd, Oxford OX3 0EE

The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies is pleased to announce the following event, to be held at the Centre’s premises. The research project on “Muslim Futures” currently being carried out by the Muslims in Britain Research Unit at OCIS is designed to explore options for future policy and planning as the number of Muslims in Britain continues to expand. The main focus is on the City of Bradford, but light-touch research has also been carried out in Rotterdam, Brussels and Marseille for the sake of comparison. Today’s session reports on work in progress on the project and raises key questions for discussion.

Presenter: Dr Sadek Hamid, senior research assistant on the “Muslim Futures” project

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Louise Taylor
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