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Sally Shuttleworth

Professor of English Literature
Sally Shuttleworth

Sally Shuttleworth has published widely in the field of medicine, science and literature, particularly in the Victorian era.   Her books include: 

ed. with Mary Jacobus and Evelyn Fox Keller, Body/Politics: Women and the Discourses of Science (1990)

Charlotte Brontë and Victorian Psychology (1996)

ed., with J. Bourne Taylor, Embodied Selves: An Anthology of Psychological Texts, 1830-1890 (1998)
Science in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical: Reading the Magazine of Nature, co-authored volume with Geoffrey Cantor, Gowan Dawson, Richard Noakes,  Jonathan Topham (2004)
ed.  with Geoffrey Cantor, Science Serialised: Representations of the Sciences in Nineteenth-Century Periodicals (2004)
ed. with Louise Henson, Geoffrey Cantor, Gowan Dawson, Richard Noakes, and Jonathan Topham, Culture and Science in the Nineteenth-Century Media  (2004)
The Mind of the Child: Child Development in Literature, Science and Medicine, 1830-1900 (2010)
She is currently working on a project on ‘The Diseases of Modern Life’, which looks at the phenomena of stress and overload, and other disorders associated in the nineteenth century with the problems of modernity, as expressed in the literature, science and medicine of the period, tracking the circulation of ideas across these diverse areas.  It explores ‘diseases from worry and mental strain’, as experienced in the professions, ‘lifestyle’ diseases such as the abuse of alcohol and narcotics, and also diseases from environmental pollution. The study will return to the integrative vision of the Victorians, as expressed in the science and in the great novels of the period, exploring the connections drawn between physiological, psychological and social health, or disease.