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Walter Pohl

Direktor des Instituts für Mittelalterforschung
Walter Pohl photograph

Walter Pohl was a University lecturer in history of the Middle Ages (1989, University of Vienna) and Auxiliary Sciences of History (2001). From 1990 he was employed at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Commission for Early Medieval Studies). He has been a Visiting Professor at the Udmurt University in Ischevsk, Russia (1991), at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA, 1993), the Central European University Budapest (1994-95) and at the University of Leiden (1996). In 1998 he became the Head of the Research Centre for the History of the Middle Ages, and since 2004 has been the Director of the Institute for Medieval Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Since the summer of 2002 he has been the Austrian representative on the Standing Committee for the Humanities of the European Science Foundation (ESF). In 2004 he was awarded the 2004 Wittgenstein Prize. Since 2006 he has been Professor of Medieval History and Historic Auxiliary Sciences at the University of Vienna

Walter Pohl research interests include: the transformation of the Roman world and the realms of the early Middle Ages; ethnic processes and identities between antiquity and the Middle Ages; the 'Great Migration' and other migrations; History and its tradition; early medieval law books; History of the steppe peoples; and History and cultural history of Italy until 1000.

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