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Website Creation and Online Presence workshop

Thursday, March 17, 2016 -
2:00pm to 5:00pm
Radcliffe Humanities
Colin Matthew Room (ground floor)


This session, led by Stephen Eyre (IT services), is for humanities early-career academics who want to expand their online presence beyond their faculty or college webpages. In three hours, you'll get a simple and good-looking website up and running (using Wordpress), and be guided through the basics of creating an effective and integrated online presence for yourself. No programming knowledge is required.

The first half of the session will cover how to do the following:

  • Configure site
  • Create pages
  • Create blog post
  • Work with media
  • Use widgets

After tea, the session will consider elements of online presence more broadly, including:

  • You
  • What is online presence
  • Your content
  • Your motivation
  • How to manage difficult audiences
  • How to build networks
  • Tools

In preparation for the session, you are asked to take a look at, and to follow the Get Comfy and Get Personality links in the left-hand panel to familiarise with some basic Wordpress principles.

You're also encouraged to bring some digital photos of yourself or other things you'd like to feature on your site, and to put together some basic verbal content, so that you have material to work with both in creating your webpages and in discussing your online presence. You could start by creating drafts of your bio, research interests, publications, upcoming talks, and/or other activities. But if you don't have time to do much of this in advance, don't worry.

Contact name: 
Emily Troscianko
University of Oxford only