Connecting Researchers with Oxfordshire Theatres


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TORCH is proud to partner with theatres and theatre companies across Oxfordshire and beyond. Our collaborations cover a range of activities designed to benefit all parties through meaningful knowledge exchange. These include:


  • Pre- and post- show public talks, in which researchers draw on their expertise to respond to the central themes of a particular production
  • Researchers consulting with theatre makers during the development phase of new productions to share their subject knowledge and resources
  • Practice as research projects which allow academics to workshop and explore aspects of their research through creative practice
  • Creating new pieces of theatre or performance rooted in research with professional theatre makers

Theatrical collaborations can provide valuable new perspectives on research projects, as well as engagement with new audiences and the opportunity to develop creative practices.


We are always happy to hear from researchers or theatre makers who are interested in learning more or collaborating. Please send any enquiries to TORCH Project Officer (Connecting Researchers with Oxfordshire Theatres)

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