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Since the 1970s the University has played a major national and international role in the development and use of digital tools, methods and resources for research in the humanities. Today, these activities are undertaken by a wide range of individual scholars, research groups and large-scale projects, which together constitute Digital Humanities at Oxford.

Digital Humanities at Oxford comes together annually in the Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School, which offers training to anyone with an interest in the Digital Humanities, including academics at all career stages, students, project managers, and people who work in IT, libraries, and cultural heritage. With over 200 participants from around the globe, DHOxSS is the largest such event in Europe, and a focal point in the University’s DH calendar.
Digital Humanities at Oxford brings together researchers and resources across the breadth of the University. While several major projects and training activities are based in the Humanities Division, the network extends across the collegiate University and includes the Oxford e-Research Centre and the Bodleian Libraries, as well as academic departments in other divisions.  
Our programme also benefits from close engagement with the University’s museums, Oxford University Press, Continuing Education, and several colleges with digital humanities initiatives.  IT Services, which has held a key role in the history of digital humanities through the Humanities Computing Unit and Text Encoding Initiative activities, continues to provide support for humanities researchers using digital methods.
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