Heritage Pathways - Current Issues in Arts and Heritage: Heritage and the Climate Crisis

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This session will provide insights into the way in which the Arts & Heritage sector is approaching the climate crisis, and the ways in which this impacts upon the conservation, access, interpretation and futures of heritage sites.

The climate crisis, as noted by recent Historic England research, is affecting our historic environment: the impacts of warmer wetter winters, hotter drier summers, increasingly intense rainfall, rising sea levels and changing patterns in our seasonal weather all exacerbate environmental hazards that affect our heritage. However, our historic environment and cultural heritage is also an important resource for understanding our changing climate, helping reduce carbon and helping people, places and communities adapt to future climates.

This session will feature presentations from Historic England, a case study from the Oxford Resilient Buildings and Landscapes Laboratory, and an introduction to the Strategic Research Fund-supported Oxford Net Zero project.


  • Dr Hannah Fluck - Head of Environmental Strategy, Historic England.
  • Dr Katrin Wilhelm - Co-Lead Oxford Resilient Buildings and Landscape Laboratory.
  • Dr Martin Michette - Social Sciences Engagement Fellow, English Heritage

For further information email training@humanities.ox.ac.uk.

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Heritage Pathway is a series of training and engagement activities which run termly. Since 2015, Heritage Pathway has provided undergraduate and postgraduate students, along with Early Career Researchers at the University of Oxford with the skills, knowledge and confidence to engage effectively with a wide range of partners in the heritage, museums and cultural sector. 

Heritage Pathway is designed and delivered by Dr Oliver Cox and Alice Purkiss and organised through the Humanities Researcher Training and Development Programme

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