Podcasting for Public Engagement

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This online workshop delivered by Cherry Soup Productions is an introduction to academic podcasting, from idea stage to post-production. The session will cover best practices in podcasting, with examples. It will introduce different podcast formats and styles and offer strategies for planning and disseminating a podcast, with an emphasis on how to translate academic research into an accessible audio programme. The workshop will cover the technical tools available for audio production and will feature hands-on activities utilising recording equipment and open-source audio editing software. It will also discuss the process of distributing a podcast through Oxford Podcasts and iTunes. Participants will have an opportunity to storyboard a podcast episode, record and edit audio during the session. 

Cherry Soup Productions is a creative practice collective of independent audio/visual creators. We specialise in producing original audio and visual content for and with academics, social justice activists, and charities. We also run interactive, high-impact workshops on podcasting, music production, and digital literacy. From podcasts to documentaries, each project we take on is unique, and we work together to make them come to life through music, film, imagery and storytelling. More information is available at: cherrysoupproductions.com


For further information please contact training@humanities.ox.ac.uk.

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