Creative Industries Pathway: SketchUp Introductory Workshop

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SketchUp is 3D modelling software which can be used for a variety of drawing projects, including architecture, design, engineering, film and video game design. Dr. Matthew Nicholls, Senior Tutor at St. John's (formerly Professor of Classics at Reading), is a specialist in the reconstruction of ancient Roman buildings and urban spaces. Matthew has created the entirety of ancient Rome in SketchUp and used it for award-winning teaching research, and public outreach including broadcast documentaries and a MOOC bringing 3D reconstructions of Rome to 33000 people worldwide so far.

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You can view Matthew's blog on the SketchUp website here:

This workshop will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge required to produce 3D models in SketchUp, and will enable you to understand the applications of these skills in your research.

Lunch will be provided.

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