The Oxford English Dictionary Dataset in Your Humanities Research

the oxford english dictionary

This workshop aims to introduce researchers to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), including how to get the best out of the OED website and how the OED dataset can be used in new and experimental ways.

Topics covered:

    • how to use it to your best advantage
    • The OED dataset: potential new applications in research
    • Q&A and workshop discussion: Attendees will be invited to “pitch”, in no more than 3 minutes, on what they do, what interests them about OED, and any uses for OED data they have in mind. The research and potential applications of the OED will then be discussed as a group with OED facilitators.

The OED is looking to complete case studies with researchers who have interest in utilising the OED dataset to explore new areas and answer new questions. Researchers will be invited to share ideas at the workshop, and also submit ideas in the following weeks.

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