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Professor Nikolaj Lubecker

Professor of French and Film Studies, St. John’s College

Prof. Lubecker’s current research is concerned with the so-called ‘nonhuman turn’ in the humanities: theoretical texts that seek to respond to recent technological and ecological developments in our society. In two different projects he is putting this corpus into dialogue with (1) mid- to late 19th century French poets such as Baudelaire, Mallarmé and Verlaine, and (2) contemporary avant-garde filmmakers such as Chantal Akerman, Eric Baudelaire and James Benning. He is also interested in the ‘prehistory’ of this nonhuman turn in texts by philosophers such as Gilbert Simondon and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Publications include The Feel-Bad Film (Edinburgh UP, 2015), Community, Myth and Recognition in 20th Century French Literature and Thought (Continuum, 2009), Le Sacrifice de la sirène – la poétique de Stéphane Mallarmé (Copenhagen UP, 2003) and most recently the co-edited (with Daniele Rugo) collection James Benning’s Environments (Edinburgh UP, 2018).