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Andrew W. Mellon 'Humanities & Science' Grant

Funding Opportunity - Paired Science–Humanities research partnerships

These sabbaticals are part of the ‘Humanities & Science’ grant, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, designed to create new interest in, and opportunities for, research that reaches between the humanities and sciences.

The original grant also includes Humanities-Science Joint Doctoral Studentships, and Knowledge Exchange partnerships between humanities scholars and public/private science organisations.

One pair of science and humanities academic staff at Oxford would be chosen each year to pursue a joint project that reaches between science and the humanities. The award-holders would be bought out of certain of their administrative and teaching responsibilities for up to one term, in order to establish a research collaboration, develop partnerships within and beyond Oxford, and prepare research-grant applications for the continuation and development of the research project.

During this period, they would also be required to teach a joint course to a selected group of postgraduates (not for credit).

Successful applicants would have free use of TORCH facilities, a prominent place on the TORCH website, and some funds to develop new research networks and international collaboration.


Applications should be Oxford postholders at any stage of career who have a contract for the period of their proposed project.

Applications should include the following:

- Names of applicants (one from the sciences, one from humanities), including college and faculty/department affiliation

- CVs (4 pages maximum) of both applicants

- The nature and significance of the proposed research, including expected outputs (1,000 words maximum)

- Outline timetable of research

- Any other research activity to take place (workshops, conference etc)

- An outline of the course that would be available for postgraduates

Applications will be reviewed and selected by TORCH’s Management Committee. In addition to assessing the quality and feasibility of each proposal, the Committee will give priority to cross-disciplinary projects that seek to establish new research agendas.

Please note applicants would need to seek approval from their college and/or faculty/department for taking research leave.

Deadline: Friday 20th January 2017

Please send applications to