Accessibility Statement

This website runs on Oxford Mosaic, the University of Oxford’s web platform. Information regarding the accessibility features common to platform sites can be found in the Oxford Mosaic Accessibility Statement. Where applicable, further information on the content or features specific to this site is given below.

We know some parts of this website are not fully accessible:

  • Not all film content offers captions or a transcript.
  • Not all audio podcasts have a written transcript.
  • Some of our pages have not been written or formatted in a fully accessible way.
  • Some downloadable documents (Word documents and PDFs) are not written in the most accessible way.
  • In some instances, images convey information which is not available in text form.
  • In some instances, images will not have alternative text, or the alternative text is not helpful.

What we’re doing to improve accessibility:

  • We are addressing the web accessibility issues that exist on our webpages, beginning with the most popular pages first.
  • We aim to provide captions and transcripts on any future film or audio content.
  • We have provided all staff members with editing capabilities with training and a guide to writing accessibly for the web.
  • We will ensure all new images uploaded to the website in future will have alternative text where necessary.
  • We aim to ensure all new pages are compliant with the accessibility regulations.
  • The platform on which our site is hosted is also undergoing changes in line with the web accessibility requirements. See the Oxford Mosaic Accessibility Statement for full details.


If you have any questions or concerns about the accessibility of any of our webpages, please contact us on