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Exploring Sicilian Epigraphy in Sicilian Museums with Sicilian Schools

The I.Sicily project of the University of Oxford ( is constructing a digital catalogue of the texts engraved on stone from ancient Greek and Roman Sicily. As a part of that project, we are working with the EpiCUM project of the Italian CNR to create a complete digital catalogue of the epigraphic material in the Museo Civico Castello Ursino of the city of Catania, which holds an important collection of some 500 inscriptions. With the support of the Comune di Catania, we are now working with a local school, the Liceo artistico “M.M. Lazzaro”, to give the opportunity for students in years 11-13 to work with these cataloguing projects on the material in the museum collection, and together with the students we are creating an exhibition of inscriptions from ancient Catania to be put on in the museum in 2017. The exhibition will include both traditional and digital materials.